Back button autofocus, or BBAF is new to me.  Recently I watched a u-tube video on the topic by Steve Perry, and after watching I purchased his book titled “Secrets to the Nikon Autofocus System”.  Over 500 pages on the autofocus system in your Nikon camera.  The book is without doubt the most comprehensive guide to the Nikon autofocus system written.  Steve’s book not only shows you how to set up your camera but more importantly gives you good reasons for doing so.

In contrast, there is the Nikon’s User Manual which only instructs you on the basic operation of their cameras.  

My first camera was a Minolta SR1.  In high school I used a Nikon F.  Both were film cameras and since you were paying for every shot you took, getting the shot right was a necessity.  Then I focused on a split screen and manual priority was the  only option.  When I purchased my Nikon D850 I could not help but feel – to quote Dorothy,  “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”.  The modern DSLR is an incredible tool.  It makes taking photographs simple, and has features that most photographers will never use, unless someone gives you a valid reason to.  Steve’s book is full of reasons to learn the autofocus system.     

I am now no longer a half button press focus photographer.