Photography is storytelling. I live in Northern Manitoba Canada. Here photographers don’t stand shoulder to shoulder to photograph grand vistas. Ansel Adams never photographed here. The Canadian north is a harsh environment. Most feel it is an environment to be avoided. Still there are stories here and stories give photographs meaning.

Burntwood River

This photo was taken on the ice without a tripod. I walked out as far as I dared to get a perspective. I wanted the river to lead the viewer downstream. The silver and grey colours that dominate the photo are real. The blue wash was added post production.

Click on the photo for larger view.

Mystery Mountain

Silver and greys dominate after an ice storm. This photo was taken after such a storm at Mystery Mountain Winter Park.

Black Spruce

Spruce trees dominate the forest in the north. There is permafrost in most areas. The permafrost is protected by a top layer of moss. Between the moss and the permafrost is a thin layer of soil. Tree roots grow in this layer. The ecosystem in this harsh land is extremely fragile. If the moss is disturbed, the exposed permafrost melts. Black Spruce trees grow spindly, and usually no more than thirty feet tall. The melting permafrost cause the trees to fall or lean on each other.