When I was in university, one of my professors  gave us a computer programming assignment.  Short on time to complete the assignment, I went to the library and looked to see if anyone else had found a solution.  There were many.  I chose an algorithm from one author and used it to complete my assignment.  Yes, I gave the author the appropriate credit.  When the professor handed back the assignments, he noted that one of the students had done this.  He asked what other students thought.  Some replied that it was cheating, others said they wished they had thought of it.  The professor said that, “The wheel was a great invention and there is no need to reinvent it.”

Photoshop and Lightroom are two exceptional programs used by photographers all over the world.  Their complexity can overwhelm any new photographer.  I have spent years learning both and I am still learning.   There is help.  There are a number of sites that specialize in teaching Lightroom and Photoshop.  Some cost and some are free.  I use and enjoy PHLEARN owned by Aaron Nace.  I have found that his style of teaching works for me.  I also enjoy tutorials by Sean Bagshaw.  Sean is a landscape photographer as I am.  Through him I learnt of the TK panels by Tony Kuyper – the best kept secret in photography, and Photo Cascadia, a group of exceptional photographers whose work inspires me.

Reinventing the wheel will advance the study of wheelology.  But I want to ride the wheel.  I want to change backgrounds, not spend frustrating hours trying to figure out how.  Photographers, such as Aaron Nace, and Sean Bagshaw are willing to teach me and you.  Thanks guys!