Summer in the North is my favorite season. The sun rises very early and sets quite late – for that reason, I don’t try to photograph at either. Usually I am sensibly tucked into my bed.

Mystery Mountain

Mystery Mountain on what will be a hot summer day. You can see the mist burning off in the morning light.

Prairie Falcon

I came upon the Prairie Falcon hunting mice in the tall grass. It circled the area which gave me time to change lenses and get this shot. I initially hid under a tree until I realized that if the Falcon could see a mouse in the grass, it could surely see me under a tree.

Sunrise Beach – Paint Lake Provincial Park

The light off the lake was what I wanted to capture in this photo. A high shutter speed – 1/5000, was necessary to freeze the light created this image. It is one of my favorites.

Mallard Duck with Goslings

I am not a naturalist photographer. But sometimes… This mother Mallard duck gathered her goslings for a family portrait. The Sandpiper couldn’t resist.